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KA-158, P/N: 071-0019-00 - Bridging Amplifier

Repaired Serviceable - CASA form 1 Release 



  • HF Bridging Amplifier used in dual KHF-950 HF System configurations
  • Allows both KTR-953 receivers to operate from one antenna
  • Divides and routes the received signal from the active antenna coupler to both KTR-953 receivers
  • Two units required for dual installation
  • Mounts directly on the front of each KAC-952 Coupler
  • Click Here for image of sample dual KHF-950 system configuration



KA-158, P/N: 071-0019-00 - Bridging Amplifier

Sales Tax Included

    As Removed / Removed Serviceable  - All units that are marked AR or Removed Serviceable are units that have been removed in Serviceable working condition from aircraft, these units will not come with a release certificate  but will come with CASA aircraft tag trace 

    Repaired / Serviceable - All units tagged Repaired or Serviceable will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

    Overhauled - All units tagged Overhauled will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

    New - All units tagged New will come with Factory Release documentation. 

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