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GSB 15, Type-A/Type-C

Rear Power Input - P/N: 010-02544-21

Side Power Input - P/N: 010-02544-31


Add USB Power and Charging to Your Aircraft

  • Choose up to 27 watts of charging power per port with dual USB Type-C or USB Type-A/Type-C models or up to 18 watts of charging power per port with dual USB Type-A model
  • Charge two full-size iPad® tablets1 or similar smart devices while using them
  • Halo lighting around each USB port makes connections easy in dark conditions
  • Offers easy installation in an existing instrument cutout with optional adapter plate
  • Two power input options available — rear or side wiring connections — to help simplify installation in tight spaces such as armrests or sidewalls



GSB 15, Type-A/Type-C

Sales Tax Included

Charging port types:

  • USB Type-A/USB Type-C

Input Voltage: 14V, 28V

Output voltage:

  • USB Type-A/USB Type-C: 3.6V-12V / 5V-12V

Power consumption

  • Max (while charging): 40W (Dual USB Type-A Only),
  • 68WMin (not charging): 500mW

Maximum power output per port:

  • USB Type-A/USB Type-C: 27W

Required circuit breaker size:

  • 28V Input: 5A
  • 14V Iinput 7.5A (USB Type-A/USB Type-C and Dual USB Type-C Units)


  • Side Connector: 1.50" x 1.55" x 0.84"
  • Rear Connector: 1.50" x 1.50" x 0.92"

Weight: 0.16 lbs


  • TSO-C71
  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ Technology (USB Type-A Ports Only)


As Removed / Removed Serviceable  - All units that are marked AR or Removed Serviceable are units that have been removed in Serviceable working condition from aircraft, these units will not come with a release certificate  but will come with CASA aircraft tag trace 

Repaired / Serviceable - All units tagged Repaired or Serviceable will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

Overhauled - All units tagged Overhauled will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

New - All units tagged New will come with Factory Release documentation. 

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