a quick list

 a quick list

Here is a quick list of our Repair Capabilities:

  • Nav/Nav CTLS’s



  • GPS

  • Audio Panels

  • Transponders/Transponder CTLS



  • Encoders

  • Weather Radar

  • Autopilots

  • Inverters

  • HSI/FLT Directors

  • Directional Gyros

  • Attitude Gyros

  • Remote Vertical Gyros

  • Remote Directional Gyros

If you are still unsure we are able to repair your part or would like to know more information. Please give us a call on 

07 5448 8528



Complete Avionics is the place to go when in need for avionics repairs. We have multiple workshops that specialise in assessing and repairing avionics and instruments. Our workshop technicians have years of experience and are certified to troubleshoot and perform extensive maintenance in the aviation industry. 


Complete Avionics as a company is a CASA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation (Our official reference number is 1-RT6OI). We go above and beyond this standard to ensure that you receive the highest quality when dealing with us. You can be confident that we do everything by the book in keeping a close relationship with the manufacturers that we distribute for. 

Our capabilities are specific for your general aviation needs which include all major manufacturers like Bendix King, Collins Aerospace, Garmin and Honeywell. We are continuously expanding our repair capabilities.

If we do not have the capability, contact our workshop for more information at

07 5448 8528