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Serviceable BendixKing KX-165A 069-01033-0101, Nav/Comm (8.33)


CASA form 1 Release 



  • 8.33 kHz Channel Spacing (-0201 model)
  • 28-Volt Operation
  • Internal Glideslope 
  • 32-Channel Comm Memory
  • Radial & Bearing Display 
  • Elapsed Time Display
  • Stuck Mic Reset
  • New Silver Crown Plus Styling
  • Front Panel Lighting
  • Electronic Course Deviation
  • Composite Nav Output
  • Internal Audio Amplifier
  • King Serial Output for RMI
  • HSI Output (Left/Right/GS/Flags)
  • 10-Watt Transmitter
  • TSO Approved
  • FM immune compliant for ICAO Annex 10 (European use)
  • European/JTSO Certified

BendixKing KX-165A 069-01033-0101, Nav/Comm (8.33)

Sales Tax Included
SIZE: 6.25"W x 2.00"H x 10.16"L WEIGHT: 4.0 lbs
POWER REQUIRED: 27.5VDC, Receive, .6A, Transmit, 6.0A MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 50,000 ft
TSO: C34e Glideslope Receiver C36e Class A, ILS Localizer Receiver C37d Class 4 & 6 VHF Transmitter C38d Class C, D VHF, ReceiverC40c VOR Receiver TRANSMITTER OUTOUT: Communication Transceiver: 10 W Min
FREQUENCY RANGE: Communication Transceiver: 118.000 MHz to 13.975 MHz in 25 kHz increments, 118.000 MHz to 136.9916 MHz in 8.33kHz increments (118.000 - 136.990 displayed per DO 186a & ED-23B) (8.33 kHz capable KX-165A only), Navigation Receiver: 118.000 MHz to 117~ .95M DO 160ENV: DO-160c, A1D1/-BA/BMNPS/XXXXXXZB/AB/BATAXXX
RATING TEMPERATURE: -20º to +55ºC    

As Removed / Removed Serviceable  - All units that are marked AR or Removed Serviceable are units that have been removed in Serviceable working condition from aircraft, these units will not come with a release certificate  but will come with CASA aircraft tag trace 

Repaired / Serviceable - All units tagged Repaired or Serviceable will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

Overhauled - All units tagged Overhauled will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

New - All units tagged New will come with Factory Release documentation. 

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