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KRA10 RADAR ALTIMETER, P/N: 066-1061-01 - Serviceable - CASA form 1 Release 



  • Solid-state Radar Altimeter Receiver/Transmitter Unit
  • Operates on 28 volt primary power
  • Can be operated on 14V with KA-133 adapter
  • Used with KI-250 indicator and KA-131 antenna
  • May be mounted in any position, with or without shock mounts, at a distance of not more than 2 ft. from antenna
  • Has auxiliary analog output for use by Flight Directors and Autopilots
  • Digital altitude processor for long, drift-free operation
  • Rugged, die-cast construction

KRA10 RADAR ALTIMETER, P/N: 066-1061-01

Sales Tax Included
SIZE: 3.1"W x 3.51"H x 8.0"L WEIGHT: 2.0 lbs.
ALTITUDE: 45,000 ft. TEMPERATURE: -54°C to +71°C
POWER REQUIREMENTS: +27.5 VDC ± 20% @ 200mA max total for system MOUNTING: Any position - shock or hard
COOLING: Convection VIBRATION: .02" excursion from 5 to 55 Hz 3g from 55Hz to 2000Hz
ALTITUDE OUTPUT RANGE: 20 ft. to 2,500 ft. max AGL ACCURACY: +-5 ft. 50-100 ft.; +-5% 100-500 ft.; %7 500-2000 ft.

As Removed / Removed Serviceable  - All units that are marked AR or Removed Serviceable are units that have been removed in Serviceable working condition from aircraft, these units will not come with a release certificate  but will come with CASA aircraft tag trace 

Repaired / Serviceable - All units tagged Repaired or Serviceable will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

Overhauled - All units tagged Overhauled will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

New - All units tagged New will come with Factory Release documentation. 

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