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KX-165, P/N: 069-1025-25 - Nav/Comm

Repaired Serviceable - CASA form 1 Release 



  • Solid state, gas discharge digital display NAV/COMM Transceiver
  • 720 or 760 frequency COMM available (see table below)
  • 200-channel NAV receiver
  • 40-channel glideslope receiver (version dependent - see table below)
  • Built-in VOR Converter
  • Digital display of radial from VOR or VORTAC in lieu of standby NAV frequency
  • 10 watts power output
  • 14 or 28 volt versions available (see table below)
  • Push button frequency flip-flop with display of active and standby NAV and COMM frequencies
  • Models available with 25 or 50 kHz COMM receiver selectivity (see table below)
  • Used with KI-202 VOR/LOC or KI-206 VOR/LOC/GS indicators
  • Similar to KX-155 Nav/Comm but DOES include built-in VOR converter and radial display
  • TSO'd

KX-165, P/N: 069-1025-25 - Nav/Comm

Sales Tax Included

    As Removed / Removed Serviceable  - All units that are marked AR or Removed Serviceable are units that have been removed in Serviceable working condition from aircraft, these units will not come with a release certificate  but will come with CASA aircraft tag trace 

    Repaired / Serviceable - All units tagged Repaired or Serviceable will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

    Overhauled - All units tagged Overhauled will come with either a CASA form 1 Release or FAA 8130-3.

    New - All units tagged New will come with Factory Release documentation. 

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