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test Equipment

Here at Complete Avionics we have partnered with Laversab to provide new and high quality test equipment. We are the only aviation company in the Asia Pacific Region to be a distributer as well as factory trained and qualified repair and calibration centre. We sell the AW139 Kit which consists of:

  • Laversab 6250BE RVSM compliant Air Data Tester

  • Laversab ARTS 7000, Nav/Comm Test Set with TCAS option

  • Laversab/Nav Aids Aircraft specific Pitot and Static Adaptor Kit.


All Laversab Testers are maintained and calibrated at our Sunshine Coast Facility. Ours is the only non-Laversab facility worldwide to be able to repair and calibrate the ARTS 7000 Nav/Comm Test Set. If you are interested in any Laversab test equipment please contact us on:

07 5448 8528

Test Equipment

USed test Equipment

Looking for more affordable test equipment? We understand it can be quite hard to get your hands on a range of test equipment that's why we also sell used test equipment for your convenience.  Here is a quick list of test equipment that we hold:

  • Air Data/Pitot Static Testers

  • Altimeter Test Sets

  • Balancer/Analyzers

  • Comm Service Monitors

  • Databus Analyzers

  • Engine Test Sets

  • Fuel Quantity Testers

  • GPS Satellite Simulators 

  • NAV/COMM Test Sets

  • Radar Test Sets

  • Resistance/Bonding Meters

  • Temperature Test Sets

  • Transponder/ADS-B Test Sets

If you are interested to know what specific equipment we have currently in stock contact us at

07 5448 8528 or Check out our Ebay

Interested in selling your test equipment? We'll buy it! Give us a call for more information.

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